Event Bartender in Perth

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Why Hire an Event Bartender in Perth?

Whatever even you are planning, be it your wedding or a casual back yard summer party, you need to get and Event Bartender in Perth if you we want you to have fun, lay back and take a load off. An Event Bartender in Perth is a mobile bartender who goes to any gig on invitation to provide professional bartending services. In Perth, an Event Bartender can be anything from a flair bartender to a mixologist, but the most important thing is that the Event Bartender must have the required experience and expertise to wow guests.

event bartender in Perth

Planning an event can be a lot of work, but an Event Bartender in Perth will support you right from the time of booking. Thus it is advisable to hire an Event Bartender early, so they can help put things in order on time. An Event Bartender in Perth will help you find out where to rent glass wear, obtain a liquor license, decide what to serve and answer any questions you may have. Perth Event Bartenders’ are professional bartenders serving the communities where they work and live, and sometimes farther depending on their reputation. We will now review some characteristics to look for before hiring an Event Bartender in Perth.

Things to look out for before hiring an Event Bartender in Perth

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Some guidelines are to be followed if you are to hire a good and professional Event Bartender in Perth

Event Bartender’s Vendor Training

The Event Bartender you hire should have some sort of responsible vendor training for alcohol under their belt such as RAMP. In this way, you are sure that they have a good legal sense about their activities.

Appearance of the Event Bartender during the event

The appearance of an Event Bartender is supposed to match the event you are planning. For example, a bow tie will not be appropriate for a pool party or summer event. Looking professional and well-groomed is key to getting the attention of guests at a party for an Event Bartender in Perth.

Custom Shopping List

A professional Event Bartender in Perth should provide you a free shopping list after you hire. It should include not just alcohol products but quantities, measurements, garnishes, accessories, brands, mixers. The more guidance they provide, the better.

How soon will they will arrive

It is important to make sure that your Event Bartender arrives at least 30 minutes prior to your event. Arriving an hour earlier before is even better as it allows the both of you to go over the plan for the event. However, if your Event Bartender is offering comprehensive services that include cutting garnishes, icing down beverages, organizing liquor bottles, juices, mixers, etc. they may arrive not arrive early.

Free pre-party setup

This is a bonus that the Event Bartender in Perth should provide to help you save your money. The bartender should be able to arrive an hour early and set-up for free.


It is advisable not to go for a cheap Event Bartender in Perth, because a good service will usually cost more. The price also depends on the socioeconomic status of the area you are hiring the Event Bartender. However, it is Advisable go with a bartender that requires gratuity because even though you have to pay extra money, that Bartender will be more motivated and far more inclined to provide great service.