Flair Barman

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A Flair Barman is a professional bartender or mixologist that is adept on the art of amusing guests, clientele or audiences through the manipulation of bar tools and liquor bottles in a tricky and dazzling way. A Flair Barman is commonly found in cocktail bars, and parties and their skills is commonly associated with jugglers. Flair Barmen in Sydney are sought-after talents among venue owners and marketers to help advertise a liquor product. They are also popular among private party organizers who look to entertain their guests over a good cocktail. Flair Barmen gained popularity after Tom Cruise’s character as a bottle-flinging bartender in the 1988 hit film Cocktail. Flair Barmen in Sydney can exhibit a variety of skills including juggling, flipping bottles and shakers, manipulating flaming liquors or even performing close-up magic tricks also referred to as bar-magic.

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Flair Barmen in Sydney incorporate great displays to bartending and mixology that heightens the guests overall experience. There are two types of flair: working flair and exhibition flair. Although they are analogous because they both require precision and practice, however working flair, is much more common owing to the fact that exhibition flair has become a competition oriented style. Flair Barmen who utilize working flair focus more on delivering drinks to customers while still ensuring visual entertainment. Recently, however, there is an obvious rise in Flair Barmen combining pronounced mixology knowledge and working flair skills all over the world.

There is another kind of Flair Barman that is rarely mentioned. This is the Flair Barman who is adept at using words to entertain his audience. He is versatile and can tell all the best jokes and stories, listen attentively, provide useful information, and charm their customers is a bar who are left with no choice than give them a big tip.

The best Flair Barmen in Sydney can combine both, engaging customers with their captivating stories, while deftly maneuvering bottles and tools.

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Characteristics of a good Flair Barman


Without precision, a Flair Barman in Sydney will make a mess of himself in front of the guests. Therefore, he needs to practice his skill when he is in private so he can entertain his audience. He should not also be sloppy in his moves, but make it look effortless and swift. This takes patience and practice, and these two traits should be the Flair Barman’s most trusted allies.


Flair Barmen always have this air of cockiness around them. This is likely because practicing flair bar tendering has made them gain confidence in their abilities overtime and thus confidence has become a part of their nature. Some of the trick Flair Barmen in Sydney produce look impossible to us, but it need them to be fearless to be able to achieve this them.

How to become a Flair Barman

There are two ways to learn flair tricks, either through a course or on the job. While there are plenty in-class and online courses available, an aspiring Flair Barman in Sydney is discouraged from taking flair bartending course online because it is a waste of your money, as you will not have hands on training. The best way to learn flair tricks is behind the bar, under the tutelage of a pro by enrolling in a school.