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Difference between a Mixologist and a Bartender

Before you go on to Hire a Mixologist, it necessary we know what this job entails so that you will hire correctly in accordance with the job you want accomplished. The word semantics is relatively new in the bartending circles, making some people think if it just semantics or if there are really professional differences between a bartender and a mixologist. Knowing this differences will help you properly Hire a Mixologist rather than a bartender posing as a mixologist. In summary, a bartender just stays over the bar and pours Vodka, while those who take a culinary dimension to producing drinks are mixologists. In essence mixologists are the chefs of the bar, while bartenders are the bar waiters.

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Definition of Mixologist

Before you Hire a Mixologist, it is imperative you know the definition of Mixology. Mixology is a variant term used to describe the mixing drinks at a bar or party, while mixologist is another term for a bartender or bar chef. Mixology, which dates a far back as 1948 (according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary) is widely regarded as a sophisticated and in-depth study of the art and craft of mixing drinks. Hire a Mixologist who has mastered the "the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks" as defined by the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.
When you are looking to Hire a Mixologist, it is not necessary to look for people who can serve people or are master conservationists (like typical bartender) because that is not really their duties. Instead, searching to Hire a Mixologist, get someone who has mastered the art of conceiving exciting cocktails ideas and have garnered expertise on spirits and flavor pairings. Hire a Mixologist who has passion for combining elixirs and creating extraordinary cocktails for your party. It is also important to Hire a Mixologist who can create a wide range of exceptional cocktails for a variety of occasions.

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Types of Mixologists

Furthermore, when you are looking to Hire a Mixologist, it is important to know that there are two types of Mixologist: Flair Mixologist and Cocktail Mixologist. A Flair Mixologist likes to showoff, he like to twirl, whizz, throw and catch bottles in between making cocktails. They are entertaining, amusing, fun and exciting to watch. They are well trained professionals, who are extremely skilled in their job. It takes years of practice to be a good flair Mixologist. Experience is therefore essential when trying to Hire a Mixologist, who is practices Flair Mixology.
If you want to Hire a Mixologist that specialize in Cocktail Mixology, look for a true professional bartender with knowledge of how to produce spectacular cocktails. This is because every bartender can make cocktails or knows what drinks can be mixed together to make a fantastic cocktail. A Cocktail Mixologist has a 'feeling', a sensitivity and the knowledge of what works-with-what and exactly how much of each ingredient to mix. Long-time practice and affinity is therefore important when trying to Hire a Mixologist.
Another important thing to check when you want to Hire a Mixologist is the price the Mixologist is offering for his services. To Hire a Mixologist who is well experienced, it will cost you more money than going for a less experienced Mixologist. However, it is advisable to Hire a Mixologist who is well trained and skilled.