Mobile Bartenders Melbourne

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Mobile Bartenders Melbourne

The Impact of a MOBILE BARTENDER on a party cannot be overemphasized, and the MOBILE BARTENDER is often the most popular and talked about person in the room. To achieve this, the Mobile Bartender must develop and train necessary skills and knowledge to provide top-notch service. However, being a good MOBILE BARTENDER requires more than having the requires skills and knowledge to wow an audience. There are four essentials skills that have been identified by experienced MOBILE BARTENDER as being important to succeeding in the MOBILE BARTENDER Business.

Mobile Bartenders Melbourne


Friendly Personality

A MOBILE BARTENDER must develop and harness the important qualities of being sociable and genial. You need to be garrulous, and always have a smile on your face. When a person walks up to you, always acknowledge their presence and be friendly.

Always Hungry to Learn

Like conventional bartending, mobile bartending is a profession that is constantly in evolution. Mobile Bartenders must always seek to improve their skills and knowledge. Study any new tools, ingredients and skills required to help you excel. A great means of achieving this is to have an experienced bartender as mentor, so you can learn from them. You should also be willing to learn from your customers, as they may have noticed some things that need to be corrected.

Organization and Cleanliness

To be a successful MOBILE BARTENDER, your event bar has to be properly organized and attended to as necessary. It is also important that you have the proper equipment such as speed rail, ice bins, cutting boards, and a place to store your portable bar equipment as well as alcohol and mixers. This will help you to be more efficient, because you will be accustomed to where your things are. In between customers, take time to clean your workstation, so it will be attractive and appetizing.

A Great Memory

A good MOBILE BARTENDER is a walking encyclopaedia of famous drinks. You should also be great at recalling people’s names and preferences.

At the end of the day, being a great Mobile Bartender is 80% personality and 20% mechanics.

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There are several advantages of stating a Mobile Bartender business, some of them include:

Unlimited Freedom

A MOBILE BARTENDER is his own boss, and can therefore choose how many hours he wants to work daily. You can decide to take the weekend off, or even go on vacation


As a MOBILE BARTENDER, you earn yourself some respect, because you are a business owner.


Being a boss, a MOBILE BARTENDER can choose when to run his/her shifts, and what events to attend. You can then have free time to do other things you love.


In contrast to conventional bartending where you rarely have the time and space to strike up a conversation with anyone, you can easily do that at weddings and the likes, as you get to know the people you’re serving. Being a MOBILE BARTENDER thus allows you to make a lot of connections for future business

More Cash

You are your own boss as a MOBILE BARTENDER, so more money comes your way too!