Private Bartending Service in Brisbane

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A Private Bartending service is provided outside the bar in a location that will be choose by the employer or the person hiring the service. They are handled by an experienced Private Bartending Service in Brisbane because it is a different type of service to the conventional type of bartending. Since the Private Bartending Service is provided by outside the comfort of a bar, there are several things to consider before you hire a Private Bartending Service in Brisbane.

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Provisions to discuss before employing a Private Bartending Services

Appearance of the Event Bartender during the event

The appearance of a Private Bartending Service in Brisbane is supposed to be equivalent to the event you are planning. For example, a casual dressing will not be appropriate for a corporate event or party. Looking professional and well-groomed is key to getting the attention of guests at a party for an Event Bartender.

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Years of handling similar events to your very important point to look into before you get a Private Bartending Service in Brisbane. Ensure that the Private Bartending Service in Brisbane you are planning to hire has previous and relevant experience bartending.

Portable Bar

If you living in Brisbane, look for a Private Bartending Service that has the ability to provide you with a portable bar if you have a small space or think you need one.

Custom Shopping List

Immediately after discussions have been concluded, a professional Private Bartending Service should provide you a free shopping list. It should include not just alcohol products but quantities, measurements, garnishes, accessories, brands, mixers. You should seek more guidance as this will help you plan better.

Time of arrival

A Private Bartending Service should arrive 30 minutes to one hour prior to the start of your event. This allows you allows the both of you to go over the plan for the event.


It is advisable not to go for a cheap Private Bartender Service, because a good service will usually cost more. The price also depends on the socioeconomic status of the area you are living in Brisbane.

Business Website

Even though the Private Bartender Service you plan to hire do not have the best website designs, good a service website allows you to look at the type of services they provide, the type of drinks they can make, what reviews have they received and how to contact them.

Advantages of a Private Bartending Service

A private or home party can be very complicated for several reasons and this is why you need to get a Private Bartender Service in Brisbane for your corporate or birthday party. By hiring a Private Bartender Service in Brisbane, you are spared the time to start making preparations and plan which great cocktails to serve. A Private Bartender service has professional bartenders that are versatile at producing flair and fun at you gig. Another advantage of a Private Bartender Service is that you are sure of a clean bar and party. After you have hired a Private Bartender Service in Brisbane, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy yourself with your guests.