As a kid....


When I was a kid, I remember my parent hiring a private bartender for a party of theirs. I saw how he was setting up, and getting ready for this event. It piqued my interest, and then he starting making various cocktails which certainly got my attention. Since I was only a kid, it got me questioning why did they hire a barman? Surely my parents could pour guests drinks themselves? Within a few years, I certainly understood the advantages of hiring a professional bartender for your special night.

Hosting a party isn't easy, you're always concerned about your guests and if they are happy and satisfied with everything. This tends to play on your mind as you start questioning what cocktails you should be serving, will you have enough drinks for everyone. A good professional will take this stress away from you, leaving you to enjoy being a host to your guests. Bartenders have a wealth of experience for you to call upon and they will happily guide you through what ingredients, spirits, wine and even equipment you will need. They will also be able to save you money, as they can tell you how much of everything you will need based on the information you give them.

This is not all though. A true professional will arrive early, set up the bar and make sure it's all ready for your guests. This certainly takes a lot off your mind, enabling you to focus on other areas or you can just have a sneaky cocktail before everyone else arrives. Call it Quality Control if you will.

During the event, it will be apparent the quality of service you're getting. As you no doubt will be having a smile on your face, and have time to mingle with everyone without worrying about drinks. Best of all, your guests will be enjoying themselves with their favorite cocktail in hand.

Bartenders bring a unique flair and style to events that your guests will rave about. When guests arrive, they generally go straight to the bar, and when they see a well stocked and tidy bar with cocktail lists that they can choose from, they will be amazed and will already be in a party mood.

Responsible service of alcohol is always a must, especially when dealing with many guests. This is another advantage of hiring a professional. They have years of experience and can keep guests in control. Leaving you worry free of the night. If you have young kids running around, the barman will be able to keep an eye on the bar and ensure that they don't pinch anything they shouldn't be touching.

- a passionate professional


Bartender4you events and mobility around Australia



Being a city of young people, it is a paradise for those who enjoy the nightlife. Restaurants, night clubs, theaters, opera and a lot of history and culture is the daily life of this city that literally doesn´t sleep.
HEN´S NIGHT is the greatest service for those people. We have a high level of international recognition for our services rendered in the night activities. With us your activity at night can be a thing out of common. We do not consider money as our priority, our joy and especially our desire to satisfy our customers is our satisfaction. With our night, 'HEN's NIGHT', and the unique service of our experts cocktails and international drinks, you can see the sunshine of the day while it´s evening. Not only drinks, as a special evening event, we have the special lights of all kinds.
One very important thing is that our lights have no side effects on the eyes of our customers. They are high quality lights, designed for those types of events. The only place where you can find a variety in both: drinks and the lights is at Bartender 4 you. Do not let people tell you; try our service "HEN's NIGHT" yourself, an event designed for special party. Sydney is a special city and deserves first class. In Bartender 4 you, we recognize the need to have young people who want to enjoy a cocktail with family, friends and others. "HEN's NIGHT" package is the best option.
Was that your first special night? Did you have a bad experience? Don´t worry! Try Bartender4you and you will quickly discover why the fortunate people like to contract us, prefer us and trust us in this community where everyone can make a big experience in the relaxed atmosphere of a small seaside town and enjoy all the advantages of the big city. A wide variety of projects and initiatives are completed every year in Sydney. There is a list of business especially the kind of ours which provide similar services but cannot be compared to us in absolutely nothing. What can we provide to keep satisfying the Sydney People? Our cocktail and exceptional service.
At our company Bartender 4 you, we have a list of service that we can provide in order to satisfy all needs. These services are already tested among other cities we have that credibility by the satisfaction we have provided.  


Melbourne, here is Bartender 4 you! We approach to the people of Melbourne because we know its great importance in the territory of Australia. After Sydney, Melbourne is the second largest city with the largest number of inhabitants, with 4.7 million and is in constant growth due to its huge labor market, its population is completely multicultural, with a great combination of languages, religions, and lifestyles. Sometimes, the city faces a rate of dissatisfaction regarding to the need of the people of this city when it comes to mobile bar service. It is also known as the Center for the arts and culture. On the streets of Lygon, St Kilda, Brunswick and China Town are located theatres and clubs. It is true there is no other more important than us, Bartender 4 you? In terms of being more expensive than us Yes, but they offer less services than we do, so there´s no way they can be more important than us. In fact, the number of services we have exceeded any other business involving in a mobile bar. We have "A RANGE OF EVENTS".
Therefore, we want to add something more in the heart of the people who like to enjoy good cocktail and non alcoholic drinks. Therefore, we bring a special event called: "INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL CLASS". The idea of this event is not to only provide a unique service for people of all kind who want to have fun and enjoy their cocktails and other drinks, but also to all who want to learn how to prepare their own! That confirms our philosophy which is: "We don't care the money but the customer satisfaction". While you are celebrating your best time, drinking your drink enjoying with your family, our experts, comprised of all people of good character, humility and good heart, will be happy to share their knowledge with you especially if you are willing to learn how to prepare cocktails as Margarita, Black Russian, Bellini, Dry Martini, Tequila Sunrise and Cuba Libre or Daiquiri. Do not worry. The "INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL CLASS" event is designed for you. Try this service if you want to know more than what you were already known.
If you still want Melbourne to be highly recognized not only in fine cuisine, but also for its taste in cocktails and other drinks, ask for the "INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL CLASS" event, come and learn. We have the best tricks for you. Tricks that our experts invented which haven´t and will never be known by other business in this field.
Sure you are thinking about the cost of that service. It is normal to think about that, because something like this seems ridiculous. But the reality is that no one can offer similar service like we do with quality, professionalism, fun and above all less expensive cost. Bartender 4 you are not only for those, who want to learn but also for you. It is your opportunity to be an expert and able to prepare your own cocktail while having fun. Ask for the "INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL CLASS" event, and never regret the experience.


Nothing is better than a cocktail-based carbonated drinks or soft drinks in a city like BRISBANE which is considered as "The city of the sunny days". The climate is perfect. It has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year making this feature a magnet for locals and foreigners. There is no doubt that people of this city like a cocktail based on soft drinks by a climate characterized by the Sun. In general, our services of refreshing cocktails based on fruits with more decorative elements than the other types of beverages, allow freshness from inside that revives the body thanks to our staff, barmen and bartenders. Bartender 4 you have all kinds of cocktails and there are many of those cocktails which are for special seasons...
What drinks do we offer?
Bartender 4 you offers a wide selection of beverages, drinks and cocktails, including always new techniques to create mixes with original textures and attractive presentations, delicious and flavored. For drinks, we provide everything imaginable, a huge variety of national and international drinks, with and without alcohol, in addition to fruits, juices and syrups to ensure the best flavor of drinks. We also offer those kinds of events: BIRTHDAY PARTY, HEN´S NIGHT, BUCKS NIGHT, INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL CLASS, etc...
How do our services work? These services can be contracted in 3 alternative formats, free, bar pack or bars to cost.
Open bar: is a particularity of our services, ideal for stag parties, weddings, birthday, alumni parties, Chirstams and New Year eve celebrations among many other types of event. In this particularity, guests have at their disposition a menu or of drinks catalog with all the options and details of the composition of the drink. And all the guests can enjoy the quantity and variety of drinks and beverages they wish, for free.
Bar Pack: this mode provides a limited amount of drinks. The service has an approximate duration of 2 hours, depending on the number of packs of drinks agreed. This form is ideal for inaugurations, vernissages, receptions and business events, among others.
Bars to the cost: this format is perfect for parties of young people, and goodbyes, since each drinker will pay his drink. 


People of ADELAIDE, are you thinking of hiring a mobile Bar for your wedding, birthday, corporate party or family holiday? Remember, you are part of the fifth largest city in Australia!!! For your fame is internationally known, and you know what, don't let somebody gives you a bad memory for your special event. We want you to know that a mobile Bar is sign of innovation, modernity and sophistication. All that is what we are and what we do at Bartender 4 you. We usually offer a menu of cocktails and drinks with or without alcohol, and beer, which your guests can choose and enjoy throughout the event without any restriction. Our mobile bar, Bartender 4 you, are always carried out by professionals bartenders that will guarantee the quality of the drinks and good service at your special event. Now, what kind of services we provide?
As special activities that ADELAIDE has, we know that the number of restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, shopping centres and in general amusement parks for all ages are quite large and varied. For this reason, we have a variety of events to your availability. We have: FLAIR BARTENDER, FORMAL DINNERS, INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL CLASS and BIRTHDAY PARTY.
For any other type of party that is not a birthday, marriage, HEN´S NIGHT, business or private party, you can contact our event section called: "OTHER PRIVATE FUNCTIONS". We assure you that your guests will enjoy the taste unique and varied of our delicious cocktails and other drinks, which are produced by expert bartender offering in this way a fresh product, natural and delicious, offering a first class attention to all your guests.  At Bartender 4 you, we have everyone in the field of preparation of cocktails with preserved hygiene. We have glass mixer , Jigger or meter for cocktails, filter strainer or itch for cocktails, Bar Spoon or teaspoon of bar, Meddler for cocktail, ice bucket or cooler pestle for cocktails, juicer, knife and pliers ice or scoop, blender, cutting board, oven, etc.
Not only we can create but we can also suggest a warm atmosphere to spend a pleasant and relaxed time where your guests will meet tasting the wider varieties of cocktails and other drinks of our mobile bar. Decorations colors are at your tastes while we have experts for any questions. Preparing top quality drinks, our barman and bartenders will have choreography with bottles, glasses, ice and cocktail shakers; looking to entertain your guests during your event.


Mobile Barman Services in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast,Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and surrounds.


Who are that “Drink maker”?


Barman also known as a bartender is usually a person prepares and serves the alcoholic drinks and cocktails behind the bar, which is set up legally. The concept of Mobile Barman service is not new, it basically means providing the bar service at the door step, for which otherwise the individual may have to move from his cozy home environment to get a glass of his favorite drink. So, here is the solution, mobile barman service!
The trend of mobile barman service is increasing because they provide services on any venue of your choice. That makes them more promising than the old-style bartenders. It is like when one individual wants to have the best bar at his house over a party; Mobile Barman Service is the key. You can avail the service right at your door step without any hustle, also providing you a more neat and disciplined service. Now-a-days it is no big problem if you want to hire mobile barman services, because that’s just a matter of few minutes and our company have now this facility for You to arrange a mobile bar and provide some quality barman to provide an unforgettable experience.
Mobile Barman brings along everything to meet the Your needs. “Mobile cocktail maker per hour” services usually believe on providing services better than those of physical bars. They set up their things in a way to entertain each and every individual in the party as per his/her own personal need.  This is the main reason due to which a lot of people prefer to hire Mobile Bartender or mobile cocktail waiter services because it allows them to enjoy the drink in their home, the most comfortable environment rather than wasting time in a bar where they have to face a large public.
Mobile Barman Services not only reach private houses to provide the services, but also arrange private cocktail parties for small events or corporate functions and interactive cocktail classes. Where they pour the drink, serve the delicious cocktails and entertain and let you relax at the best.
Alan: ”I have had a great experience with this mobile Barman’s, a few weeks back. I had a chance to attend a party solely managed by one of the Mobile Barman’s here in Parramatta. Where they served each and every individual as per his own choice, which I believe makes the customer very well satisfied, thus benefiting the company”.
Rebecca: “I want you to tell one more things which I guess will help you. Today mostly companies which are providing these services will not fulfill your requirements, because I went to a party last week which was organized by my boss. It was a very good place like a farm house but the services were not up to the mark so I didn't like overall setup of the party as well. However, before going to arrange anything just check the rating and services of the company. It’s better to check everything before time otherwise be ready for embarrassment”.
Cocktail parties and events are really important because it is the time when you want to socialize with others or it can be business networking. It started from England in 1917 when first cocktail party was organized. For serving cocktails you have to get information from the expert in that field without that you can't fulfill the customer requirement what he is basically demanding. Where, a cocktail is basically stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters. Cocktail parties gives us the thought of why not make the drink ourselves? So, Mobile bar tenders also provide this service at your doorstep, either they can come to your home to guide you about to make the cocktail of your own choice, or either they arrange the venue themselves, where they bring in the mobile bar to teach you about the techniques to make the drink of your own choice. The purpose behind these interactive sessions is to build a friendly relationship amongst the customer and the bar staff. Drinks can be made by using different recipes altogether to make the best drink out of it.

So, Alcohol is important, as I said, no great story started with a salad ;)

                                                                                                                                                                                        -greatest flair drink maker

Reasons why it's not just about drink for professional bartenders


No drink or cocktail counter in your party means an incomplete event for your guests. You should think about it. You can make it possible by hiring professional bartenders as it makes you relax and allow you and your guests to enjoy party at the fullest. There are so many reasons that compel you to hire such professionals and few of them we have listed below:

  • - Professionals to serve drinks to your guests:

    These professionals do their job in the best possible ways and it is not about serving but they try to make your guests feel special. Pouring drinks at more cherished gathering is not an easy task and it is quite different from just simple birthday parties or backyard get-together. Hiring professional bartenders will make you feel relaxed and worry free. Having such professionals behind the counter or bar, it means having nothing to stress about.

    Hiring a professional mobile bartender service can prove beneficial. These energetic and experienced professionals can cater to the needs of many different corporate and private events. They can offer best services in many events like private parties, birthday parties, wedding parties, corporate events or more. You can hire both male and female professionals as they both ensure great services.

  • - Self equipped:

    They bring their own tools or they are self equipped that helps leave you stress free. You need not to worry about bar tools, services, glasses, straws, ice, cocktail ingredients and each and everything to make party an unforgettable event for your guests.

  • - Add fun to your event:

    They can also provide you some more options when it comes to cocktail menu and services at additional cost. They can add some fun elements to your event by performing tricks such as spinning glasses, bottle jugging and more. Since, they are professionals and they have main objective to offer best services and make your event wonderful.

    No doubt, guests expect professional bartenders in such events as they do not like to make their own drinks. Hiring such professionals can impress your guests and make them feel special at such fancy events. You can do something to impress them, so hire professional bartenders.

  • - Help with set-up:

    They reach to your party space early, so that they can get enough time to set up bar area before your guest arrives. Apart from helping set-up bar area, they also help with clean-up at the end of the party.

    If you are looking for professional bartenders or mobile bars, then you should look no further than They offer efficient staff and best services at best price. They ensure classy and elegant night or event by creating magic and serving your guests in best possible manner. These professionals also help you find out and decide what drinks should be served in your event. They can help make your event or private party unforgettable by taking care of your guests.


Why you should call professional bartenders for a successful event?


Bartenders are hired for almost all the parties that are thrown on a large scale. Cocktail parties, weddings, anniversary parties almost all have professional bartenders. However, when small parties are thrown, at home, a birthday party or a casual get together, the need of a bartender is often overlooked. The feeling comes up that when the guests can pour their own drinks, then what's the need of putting in money on a professional. But you tend to forget that professionalism brings perfection. In order to organise a successful event, you must call a professional bartender. There are many advantages of hiring a bartender for even the smallest of event.

  • - They tell you how much alcohol will be required

    A good professional with a sufficient amount of experience will always be able to save your money getting wasted on extra alcohol. He will be able to tell you the right amount of alcohol that you will require, keeping in mind the number of expected guests. You might buy extra or at times might even fall short of alcohol in the middle of a party, bringing in sheer embarrassment. In order to avoid such a situation, you must opt to consult a professional bartender before making your purchases.

  • - Self equipped:

    They bring their own tools or they are self equipped that helps leave you stress free. You need not to worry about bar tools, services, glasses, straws, ice, cocktail ingredients and each and everything to make party an unforgettable event for your guests.

  • - You will be able to enjoy your own party

    A lot of time, money and energy is spent in organising a party, be it small or big. Getting all your closed ones under one roof on the same day, is one hell of a task too. A professional bartender will cater to the needs of your guests, without you constantly running to pour a drink for each individual personally. You can enjoy your drink too without worrying about the satisfaction of your guests.

  • - Help you avoid any wastage of alcohol

    You are not a professional bartender and nor are your guests. You don't exactly know what quantity of which element should go in to make a proper cocktail and guests often end up pouring extra or too little of alcohol, ruining the taste of the drink. As a result, the drink isn't consumed by anybody leading to dissatisfaction and wastage. A professional bartender knows his job and knows how to make various cocktails with the right ingredients, adding on to the overall enjoyment. Your guests will go home satisfied and happy, if there's a professional pouring them good drinks.

  • - You won't need to worry about the mess

    Pouring, making drinks is a very messy affair. When hiring a bartender you can ensure that your bar area will be left clean, once the party gets over. They maintain a clean deck when doing their work and usually will clean the bar before leaving, especially at the small parties where the guests are being hosted at a residence. This itself saves you of a lot of tension and full hygiene is maintained, if you have the right professional.

These are just a few advantages of having a bartender at your party, but are definitely very important to make it a success.


What skills you should look for while hiring bartenders?


Nowadays no parties or events are complete without having a bar area. If it is a corporate party or a cocktail party a bar area is an essential one. Also if you are hosting a house party or any other such eventful gathering having a bar area can be one huge entertainment factor that will not only be of attraction for your guest but also a huge source of relaxation at the party. However to have a bar area a bartender is an individual of umpteen importance.

Below mentioned are a few skills that you would definitely want your Bartender to have.

Knowing the work- the Bartender that you hire should know his work. He should know how to make drinks properly. There are many drinks like cool blue for Virgin Mojito or Apple drinks and other such flavours which will the guests a boost of flavours in their mouth. Does a Bartender who knows how to make great mocktails and cocktails are a sure yes.

Behaviour- for a good birthday ended the behaviour matters a lot. Charming personals always attract more guests and with a smiling note on the face Ambience of the bar area can be enlightened. Does the Bartender should be a very polite and happy person who is indeed joyful in serving the guest. The Bartender should not be exhausted and his tiredness on the face after receiving multiple orders should not be portrayed.

A trained professional- if you hire a Bartender who comes from a trained institution then you will realize that the professionalism that he holds will charm the guest and the bar counter will be an entertainment source. Search button does become the prime attraction of a party. There are many techniques that the Bartender will be doing to prepare that will be what capturing on the camera.

All you need to know about

With this company can choose Bartender who is male and female according to your choice will be appointed to you. This is a Sydney best mobile Bartender service providing company that is reliable and has been one of the best of its kind.

  • • The service provided here is charged on a per hour basis and the quality of service is really commendable.
  • • If you required they will also provide you with printed Cocktail menus and another search important equipment that is required to make a great drink.
  • • Be it a corporate party or a private party these professional bartenders will your event a super hit in no time and will serve your guest with the most delicious and delectable drinks that one has ever tasted.

With the right bartenders you can be very relaxed and enjoy being the best host to your party leaving the entertainment factor and the quality of drinks up to your bartender. For an unforgettable experience do not delay but hire a professional Bartender from this company and see the difference it makes to your party.


5 Reasons To Rely On Bartender On Your Wedding


Bar area is one of the major highlighting points of any big event or wedding. This is why a lot of people spend considerable amount of time in planning the drinks menu and deciding who will handle the bar area. If you aim at making your wedding stress free and enjoyable, you must consider hiring a professional bartender. With their years of experience and refined skills, you can enjoy many benefits. However, if you are still on the fence about hiring a professional, listed below are some reasons that will help you in making a decision.

Reduce The Pressure

Your wedding will be a big event with a lot of guests. Now, they must be attended to and doing it all by yourself will be difficult. If you aim at doing it yourself, you will just end up building more pressure on yourself, this is why hiring a professional is a better option. When you will have professional bartender at your wedding, drinks will be served to the guests in a timely manner.

They Have Drinks Knowledge

Deciding on what kind of drinks to include and in what quantity can be a daunting task. However, the seasoned bartender will save you from this hassle as they know exactly the kind of drinks that must be included and based on your guests; the quantity will also be decided. This way you can ensure that all your guests be offered the drinks that they fancy. If cocktails and mocktails will be required, that too will be made correctly by the bartender.

Knows When To Cut Someone Off

Marriage is the time when people are in a happy mood and indulge in drinking to enjoy themselves to the most. However, there are times when people drink a little too much and gets tipsy. As you are busy looking after people, it can be difficult to spot a person who is drunk. But this thing will not be missed by the bartender and before a person gets too drunk, the bartender will cut them off. This kind of thing might not be able to handle by your family member or a friend so it is always better to go with the professional.

Will Not Overpour

When you will give friend or family the responsibility to pour drinks, there are chances that they can make the drink too strong or weak. However, this is not something that will be done by a professional. They will never overpour and know exactly how to make a drink that satisfies the drinker. This will also ensure that they drinks last as long as possible.

Signature Cocktails

When it comes to serving drinks, if you have a particular specialty in your wedding, it becomes something that people talk about. Your friend or family might not know how to make signature cocktails or mocktail, but a bartender will surely know. They can make it for you so that you can try and accordingly choose which one to keep at your wedding. The new and unique flavors will definitely make your guests happy and enjoy their drinks.